Andy Coon

Andy CoonBy day Andy Coon creates corporate videos and informative webinars. At night he transforms into an award-winning documentary filmmaker that shines a light on social justice. While filming “Greensboro’s Child,” a documentary about the Greensboro Massacre of 1979 and its lingering impact, Andy was exposed to firsthand accounts of corrupt justice that would inspire a lifelong passion for documentaries about the human condition. “Greensboro’s Child” won awards at numerous film festivals including “Best Independent Documentary” and “Best Researched Documentary.”

Andy is the video director for a major consultant for sales-oriented businesses. He shoots and edits presentations, studio interviews, motivational speakers, and instructional videos. He is highly-skilled at quality voice recording and also creates elaborate flash sequences for websites.

In his spare time Andy runs a popular blog site that features interviews with interesting figures in the media and tips on using editing software like Final Cut Pro.

Andy brings technical mastery to AAM. He excels at delivering informative messages in a clear precise way.


  • robert wilkins
    January 1, 2010 at 1:56 am

    Hi Andy,
    I read a nice troubleshoot you did for a beginner fcp user and am wondering if I can trouble you with a newbie question from me. I am a documentary director like yourself, problem is I use FCP without knowing enough about it. Sound familiar? I recently bought a new drive- a 1 TB RAID and for some reason it doesn’t work as well as my 4 year old 500G drive (a drive that makes loud noises when it runs!) I feel like I have got some corrupt media on the RAID as it was working well for a month or so, but now every new project i start on the RAID is constantly crashing and jarring on playback – it works but only just and is v frustrating and time consuming even to edit 1 minute. Any advice? Media management is not my thing unfortunately although I wish it were 🙁
    keep up the good work ! robert

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