We are constantly producing short films, feature films and viral videos. This is where you will find some of our projects we are currently working on.

Z13: The Zombie Within


Z13 : The Zombie Within is a project that was shot almost a year ago that I’ve since gone back to re-score, add a new title sequence and insert the last few shots. This project will be completed January 2008. Features regulars: Brian Lee, Anthony Robinson and Ray Wood alongside newcomer Michelle Petty. We learned so much shooting this project despite it’s very modest budget and rushed shooting schedule. Thanks to everyone who came out to be extras in the film and to our great cast and crew for making this a fun project to work on.

Dogs of Chinatown


Dogs of Chinatown is an artsy gangster film spearheaded by director Micah Moore and line producer Blake Faucette. We began shooting in mid-Sept in Greensboro. What we lack in funds, we make up for in talent and style by the mile. When all is said and done our shoestring-budget film should look like a million bucks.The film features Eric Jacobus and Ray Carbonel of The Stunt People (from San Fransisco), who bring amazing martial arts action to the flick.

The Corporate Assassin


Created by Andy Coon, the Corporate Assassin is hired to clean the filth that is content with taking advantage of their surroundings. Such as stealing from the company, using company time to do their personal work, intimidating co-workers and being disruptive in the workplace.

The Assassin doesn’t use traditional weapons to take his assignments down. Instead he uses office supplies, something familiar with his target so he can get close to them.

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